Year End Party 2019 - The multi-tone and passionate symphony that is only available at Sunrise Media

On 31 January, 2019, the Year End Party of Sunrise Media Corporation and Sum Pharma was held at Trong Dong Place, 72 Tran Dang Ninh, Hanoi. The program is elaborately staged with many exciting performances of nearly 200 employees throughout the company and artists.

Sunrise Media and Sum Pharma have gone through a remarkable 11-year of development. After a busy time at the end of the year with many workload and assignments, employees from all departments of the company were looking forward to the Year End Party, which is the final summation of the year 2018 and welcome spring 2019.

In order to prepare for the program to be grand and successful, not only employees of the whole company but also the Board of Directors also participated in the preparations beforehand.

At 9 am, with an extremely warm and fun atmosphere, the Year End Party of Sun - Sum family began.

The opening performance was the extremely exciting Havana dance, which came from the Board of Directors and the Heads and Deputy heads of Sunrise Media and Sum Pharma. This impressive opening performance heated up the atmosphere and made everyone in the hall felt really excited.

The performance of the company's managers was like an encouragement to the employees, created a connection between members of the company and broke the gap between leaders and employees.

The formation and development of Sunrise Media and Sum Pharma is a long road with many challenges. But we overcame to achieve remarkable achievements. In order to win such great achievements, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of all employees, who have always stood side by side with the leaders and overcome all difficulties during the past 11 years.

On the occasion of this summation event, the Board of Directors gave meaningful presents to excellent individuals who have many achievements and contributions to the company in 2018. Many employees from various departments were awarded in the following categories:

  • “10 years working for the company” award
  • “Staffs from production department with the highest quota” award
  • “The most hard-working staffs” award
  • “Distribution for the development of the company” award

The Year End Party continued with the game show, "Perfect Couple" for young men and women in the company. Perfect gentlemen and perfect ladies must overcome the challenges to show their masculinity and femininity. But the most anticipated challenge is "deep kissing". Each pair of men and women will have to use their lips to pass the heart to each other, the couple who passes the most hearts will win.

Along with the lively music and exciting cheers from the audiences, there are many passionate "kisses" from the 5 couples: Trung Dung - Xuan Quynh, Le Tung - Thu Thuy, Thanh Tung - Tuong Vi, Nguyen Hieu - Thanh Huyen and Mai Tung - Chau Xuan.

In the end, the final victory belonged to the couple Nguyen Hieu and Thanh Huyen.

In the Year End Party of this year, the departments in the company also brought to the stage many great and professional performances. The "Sun - Sum Got Talent" section with the participation of 9 alliances from the company and representatives of the Southern office makes the Gala more exciting.

  1. Dance repertoire: "Daddy Cool" - Storyboard & Video Editing Department
  2. Singing repertoire: "Bà tôi (My Grandmother)" - Sum’s Business Department and Warehouse Department
  3. Comedy: "Thử giày (Try on Shoes)" - Administrative & International Cooperation Department
  4. Singing repertoire: "Tâm hồn của đá (Rock’s Soul)" - Motion Design & Coloring Department
  5. Dance repertoire: "Xuân Sun – Sum (Sun – Sum’s Spring)" - Sun’s Business Department & Accounting Department
  6. Dance repertoire: "Martus Dancing" - YouTube & Marketing Department
  7. Comedy “Thần Điêu Ngoại Truyện (The Condor Hero Story)" - Screenwriting, Editing, & Pre-production Department
  8. Singing repertoire: "Những ngày xuân rực rỡ (Brilliant Spring Days)" - ,
  9. Dance repertoire: Spring Medley - Southern office

Closing the "Sun - Sum Got Talent" section, the Spring Medley dance repertoire of the Southern office won the top prize. The presence of the Southern office broke the consecutive wins of Screenwriting, Editing, & Pre-production alliance for many years.

  • Consolation prizes: Storyboard & Video Editing Department, Sum’s Business Department and Warehouse Department, Administrative & International Cooperation Department, Motion Design & Coloring Department, Sun’s Business Department & Accounting Department, Technical & Post-production Department
  • 3rd Prize: Dancing repertoire "Martus Dancing" - YouTube & Marketing Department
  • 2nd Prize: Comedy "The Condor Hero Story" - Screenwriting, Editing, & Pre-production Department
  • 1st Prize: Dance repertoire: Spring Medley - HCM City Office

The next session of the Year End Party is the exciting and interesting Lucky Draw. Dozens of valuable prizes were given to employees with lucky numbers. In particular, the highest prize, which is a 32inch TV, belongs to Ms. Truong Hien from the Screenwriting Department.

The Year End Party is the annual special event of Sunrise Media and Sum Pharma. This is one of the most memorable events of the company to encourage and motivate the employees as well as helping employees become more connected with the company.

Closing 2018 with many successes, in 2019, Sunrise Media's employees will have more motivation to work effectively, produce more new and interesting gameshows that are well received by the audiences. Sum Pharma with a professional and methodical business strategy will also bring big contracts to further develop the brand and reputation in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

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