Celebratory birthday party in June at Sunrise Media


Here comes June with  random weather. Hanoi is fulfill with  colorful flower: flamboyant,  lotus and Lagerstroemia

In this June, Labor Union of Sunrise Media Joint-stock Company ( Sunrise Media) is excited to celebrate  monthly birthday party to Sunrise Media staffs.

All Sunrise Media' staffs were joyfully attending at reception sector at 15 PM to merry birthday for

                                                                        Ms Hoang Thi Hiem- Department of Edition

                                                                       Ms Trinh Thi Thanh Kim Hue  - Department of

                                                                       Ms Tran Thi Phuong - Department of Background

                                                                       Lê Trường Chung - Department of Film Maker

                                                                        Nguyễn Thanh Hải -  Hanoi Pharmaceutical Representatives

                                                                                     Roãn Thị Cài  - Administrator


The Director are presenting flowers to the member born in June.


Cherry to staffs, Boarding of Management wished them health, success in personal and professional life.

The cheerful melody of" Happy birthday song" and joyous applause pushed away  sultry June' weather. Sun- Sum family was covered with joyful atmosphere.

Small party for members born in June

The June was hot but so romantic.The natural colorful view from company windows at Nghia Do park and colleagueship have consolidated our staffs passion for work. See all of you on July birthday.

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