Animated television series production

At the moment, Sunrise Media is proud of being a leading animation producer in Vietnam with:

  • The largest number of animated episodes – more than 2000 episodes. It broadcasts nearly 200 minutes animation in different programs of broadcasters at central and local levels.
  • The largest number of staff members involving in animation production industry in Vietnam, with more than 200 staff members including artists, editors, technicians and directors from North to South of Vietnam.
  • With ten years working tirelessly in the animation production industry, Sunrise Media has produced nearly 20,000 minutes animated programs. We are blowing a wind of change to the animation industry of Vietnam, leading the industry on a par with the world.
  • The animated series on air: Qua Tang Cuoc Song (Gift of Life, broadcast at 10 p.m on  VTV3), Danh Ngon Cuoc Song (Quotes and Life, broadcast at 20:30 p.m on VTV1), Khoanh Khac Ky Dieu (Wonderful Moments, broadcast on HTV7 and HTV9). Besides, Sunrise Media also produces a sitcom (a short news program in animated form) called Xa Xi Chet (Laugh Your Stress Away), broadcasted on VTV3 at 8.15 a.m every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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